AQUA GRIP <br>Hybrid Cut
AQUA GRIP <br>Hybrid Cut
AQUA GRIP <br>Hybrid Cut
AQUA GRIP <br>Hybrid Cut

Hybrid Cut

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The Aqua Grip glove features an incredibly sticky, high-end, technologically advanced latex, proven to be a supreme grip in wet conditions. This glove is usable in wet or dry circumstances however it allows for an optimized grip when playing or training in a wet setting. The hybrid cut of this glove offers top-notch comfort, excellent feel, and outstanding ball control by combining a roll cut glove with a negative cut (rolled outside fingers and negative middle fingers). There is the flexibility to remove the spines, as per your preference, accessed by the velcro pouch on the backhand by the wrist cuff. 

This glove offers a 4mm Contact latex on the palm side as well as the backhand.  The extended palm ensures an ideal surface grip on the ball when collecting and throwing the ball. Never slip in Epic Aqua Grip!

  • Hybrid cut 
  • Removable spines 
  • + Wet conditions