INFERNO <br>Gecko Cut
INFERNO <br>Gecko Cut
INFERNO <br>Gecko Cut
INFERNO <br>Gecko Cut

Gecko Cut

Regular price $65.00

The Inferno is made with high-end 4mm quartz latex for ultimate durability and grip. Tiny specs of graphite are embedded in this high technology latex to create extra grasp/stick to the ball. This Gecko cut offers top-notch comfort with a bit more room in your fingers, an excellent feel, and outstanding ball control. This cut combines a roll cut glove with a negative cut glove and no stitching at the middle 2 fingers and palm. This allows for less tearing in that location and also gives roll cut lovers a taste of our newest cut to date with a roll cut feel but not as snug as a hybrid cut. This glove has a mesh lining for increased airflow inside the glove, an extended palm for extra surface grip on the ball, and offers removable spines for more protection or injury care.  If you like a bit more room in your fingers, this is a fan favorite!

  • Quartz Latex
  • Mesh lining
  • Extended palm
  • Removable spines