STEALTH <br>Ideal Cut
STEALTH <br>Ideal Cut
STEALTH <br>Ideal Cut
STEALTH <br>Ideal Cut
STEALTH <br>Ideal Cut
STEALTH <br>Ideal Cut

Ideal Cut

Regular price $95.00

The Stealth glove features the EPIC GK logos in hologram graphics that change colors in the lighting. This glove is our new ideal cut, which is a combination of a negative cut glove with rolled cut finger-tips only and narrow negative mid-fingers, giving the perfect fit. The moment you slide your hand into this glove you will experience the ideal fit. The material is a top-of-the-line 4mm German contact latex with a mesh lining between all the fingers for breathability. We have added the extra latex to the backside of the fingertips and our signature punch zone rubber knuckles for more support on the fingers and padding for boxing balls when needed. The backhand offers a Neoprene material that is lightweight and soothing on the hand. We have extended the wrist cuff to 3.5 inches for that wonderful feeling of more wrist coverage and support on the forearm. The strap is 2.5 inches long and double wraps for that extra secure "taped" wrist feel. No fraying of elastic on this durable wrist strap! Comes with an extremely durable wrist strap.

  • 4mm German contact latex
  • Neoprene backhand
  • Mesh lining
  • Punch zone rubber knuckles
  • Hologram reflectors